Depending on your school at the SRH you will be able to choose between English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic. The number of ECTS credits is 5 upon successful completion.

Just follow the form to find out which languages are available to you.

Notice that this Form is an application. We will do our best to place you in an appropriate course but we cannot guarantee your language and level of choice are available.

A language course must be included in your Learning Agreement.

If you are not a native German speaker, it is strongly recommended that you enrol in German lessons.

English, German and Spanish courses will fit your regular schedule and take place (mainly) in-class.

The French, Italian and Arabic courses will be held online, and we cannot guarantee they will fit your regular schedule. So, you might need to change your choice of a language course later, if they don't fit in your timetable.

Also notice that the supporting language for the Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic courses is German and NOT English. Meaning that the Spanish course will be taught in Spanish and German, the French course in French and German, etc.


Berlin FORM Languages Incoming SoSe_24

open from 30.01.2024 to 24.03. 2024