Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

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Course: Organisational Behaviour and HRM
Study Programme: B.A. International Business Administration
Modul: M-2206/BA06
Lecturer: Seisereiner
Total available places: 6
Credit Points: 5 ECTS
Preprequisites for attending: English C1


The module intensifies managerial knowledge from a strategic and operational aspect. In this process behavioural aspects of social systems are addressed. Furthermore, human resources and organisation are brought into a business context, whereby references to theoretical and practical aspects are made. Some of the questions posed are: What is organisational behaviour? How does diversity influence an organisation? How do emotions, personality, and value influence perception and individual decision making?

• Human Resource Policies and Practices
• Foundations of HRM
• What is Organisational Behaviour?
• Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
• Emotions and Moods
• Personality and Values
• Perception and Individual Decision Making
• Motivation Theories and Concepts
• Foundations of Group Behaviour
• Foundations of Organizational Structure
• Organizational Culture

Dienstag und Mittwoch 08:00-14:00  vom 08.-30.01.2019

SRH Hochschule Berlin
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room H.104