Economic policy

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Course: Economic Policy
Study Progamme: B.A. International Business Administration
Modul: M-2204
Lecturer: Jens Barthel
Total available places: 5
Credit Points: 5 ECTS
Prerequisites for attending: English C1


Economic Policy:
·       Introduction to Economic Policy (history, formation of states, goals and   pillars of economic policy)
·       Market failure (external effects, asymmetric information, public goods and natural monopolies)
·       State failure (Arrow 's paradox, median voter theorem, rent-seeking and bureaucracy)

Fiscal and Monetary Policy:
·       Redistribution through taxes, tax regulations, justice standards, introduction to monetary policy
·       What impact does expansive fiscal and monetary policy have?
·       Actors of fiscal and monetary policy in Germany

Environmental Policy:
·       Courses of action for dealing with pollution
·       What options exist on a national and international level to ensure sustainability in economic activity?
·       Environmental policy actors (international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations)

Social Policy:
·       Social security systems in comparison; fair distribution of income and wealth
·       What are the differences between systems of social insurance and what challenges do social security systems face?
·       Actors of social policy on a national and European level

Labour Market:
·       Functioning of labour markets
·       What are the reasons for unemployment?
·       Actors of labour market policy (Federal Government, Federal Employment Agency)

Structure of the Market:
·       Long-term sectoral and technological development trends
·      Actors of structural change

Tuesday 9.00 - 13.45 starting from April 10th

SRH Hochschule Berlin
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10
10587 Berlin

Raum H.211